Belman’s Expansion Joint solutions are effectively calculated and designed with the help of our in-house developed software – “BelMaker®”. In order to provide a valuable tool to ease the daily work of all engineers associated with Expansion Joints, we have developed a similar technologically advanced software – “BelMaker Light®”. “BelMaker Light®” provides you with the best features from our technical software. With this application, you have the opportunity to utilize one of the most precise and advanced software tools in the industry.


Description of BELMAKER LIGHT®

With this software, you get access to:

  • Expansion Joint selection from many parameters
  • Searchable resistance tables
  • Isometric paper
  • Flange tables
  • and much more…

Our dedicated team is working continuously on improvements and the further development of “BelMaker Light®”. Therefore, you can expect future enhancements and new features to bring even more value to the application and your daily work.