Since 1994 Belman has engineered, manufactured and supplied a wide range of metallic expansion joint solutions, ranging from the simple to the most complex designs. Belman has demonstrated its expertise, assisting customers’ all over the world with expansion joints tailored for their needs, ensuring the smooth and safe operation of our customers’ operations. Throughout the years Belman has built up an extensive List of references across industries and countries (including long term clients and multi supply (https://www.belman.com/latest-projects/). Belman has established a first class reputation as a provider of customized expansion joint solutions, piping engineering and on-site services. This reputation is founded on the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship we build into all expansion joint designs and solutions we provide.

When you choose Belman you can be sure of:

  • Cost efficient expansion joint solutions
  • Reliable and suitable expansion joints for your needs (plant/project)
  • High product quality
  • Documentation
  • Short on-time delivery
  • Quick response to requests and questions
  • Expansion joints manufactured in Denmark and the United Kingdom, produced from European raw materials
  • Competitive prices due to innovation and extensive knowhow


Expansion joints are also known as expansion bellows, flexible joints, pipeline bellows, compensators, piping expansion joints and many more terms. No matter which term is used, the product is the same. But the question perhaps remains “What is an expansion joint?” An expansion joint is a flexible component designed to absorb the dimensional changes of steel pipe systems and ducts. The changes could be heat-induced expansion and contraction, vibrations caused by rotating machinery or pressure deformations and misalignment during installation or building settlements.

Expansion joints are recognized as critical components of a complete pipe system. They are widely used in industries where thermal expansion in pipe systems occurs and in order to prolong the service life of pipe systems and reduce the risk of their downtime for additional maintenance and repair.


To many piping designers and engineers it can be sometimes challenging to recognize when to use an expansion joint, and in which form expansion joints vs. alternative flexible solutions. It may seem initially attractive to exclude expansion joints, but expansion joints offer so many options and advantages – which become clear once you know what are the advantages of using pipeline expansion joints.

The advantages include:

  • Simple in design and function
  • Space reduction
  • Weight reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduce piping systems engineering requirements and design complexity
  • Improved flexibility for piping layout
  • Reliable and proven in the field
  • Further, expansion joints are more effective than alternatives such as pipe bends and pipe loops due to their greater ability to conserve space, their economic efficiency and better performance in absorbing larger movements.

It is important to state that choosing the right bellows manufacturers makes the difference. Meaning that it is critical to work with a competent and experienced manufacturer to ensure that you get the required advantages of an expansion joint(s) no matter how simple or complicated the operating data is. Operational safety and reliable performance are crucial, irrespective of whether you will replace an existing expansion joint, install an improved expansion joint solution or if you plan to build a new plant/pipeline and introduce new expansion joints. At the end of the day, safe and reliable operation is dependent on the performance of all the pipe system components. Belman is best in class within engineering and expansion joint guidance and in meeting the exact needs of the client.

Expansion joint


Comprehensive technical data and selection criteria for +3500 standard metallic expansion joints.



Expansion joints come in a wide variety of types and designs, each delivers different benefits. Belman provides high quality Expansion Joints within the range:


Expansion joints come in a wide variety of types and designs. Belman offers a large variety of types, either in their standard form or as a highly engineered and customized designs to suit all possible requirements


Finding the right Expansion Joint for your needs 

In most situations the expansion joint has to be customized. Belman routinely and expertly adapts expansion joints for our clients – in fact approximately 90% of all expansion joints sold are customized. Our latest projects show some selected expansion joints tailored for specific applications.


How Belman customizes and engineers your Expansion Joint Solution

In order to meet all expectations, engineering must be supported by comprehensive and verified calculations and drawings. This is then further supported by additional analysis via state-of-the-art design and engineering tools, software and additional techniques. Belman designs and calculates all our high-tech expansion joints through the use of our in-house developed software BelMaker®, where all the latest design codes are implemented. Further, we use additional software such as: ANSYS, OHMTEC, Autodesk Inventor, Rohr2 etc. Finally, Belman designs according to all design codes such as: EJMA, ASME, EN or client specific design codes. All of this combined with our +20 years’ experience ensures you receive the best expansion joint solution based on Belman engineering & QHSE

Most clients come to Belman with requests for:

  • Replacement (An identical expansion joint to an existing solution)
  • New solution (According to your specifications and requests)
  • Improvement of an existing solution or issue (Trouble shooting)

No matter what the requirement and the solution, the ground principles in the design procedure are the same. Of course, the client requirements, number of drawings, calculations and analysis varies.


Is it an expensive solution?

Belman’s expertise in expansion joints and optimization of their design enables us to provide cost-efficient expansion joint designs. For that reason, selecting a customized solution is not necessarily more expensive – as it will be perfectly adapted for the exact purpose, parameters and environment in the pipe system and the plant of installation. Even when Belman troubleshoots and builds more features into the expansion joint, it may entail some costs – but in the long term these costs will be more than recovered through the improvements in performance.

How to find out the expansion joint price can be done in several ways: Firstly, by making use of the Belman Expansion Joints software BelMaker Light® or by sending specifications, projects description and/or drawings of the new/existing expansion joint/-s to Belman for the basis of quotation. If troubleshooting is required Belman can inspect the existing solution and/or your facilities to discuss the issues and to propose a potential solution. Onsite visits to determine costs are free of charge.


Aside from metallic expansion joints, Belman also provides:

Piping Engineering
On-site Services
Rubber Expansion Joints
Fabric Expansion Joints
Metallic Flexible Hoses

Get the Belman


Helps you identify the issues you need to know and consider in order to specify an expansion joint/-s for your project



In many cases the origin of materials and the location of production of the expansion joints are important to clients. Belman’s state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Europe (with production facilities in Denmark and United Kingdom).



Expansion joint delivery can be organized by Belman to any site and/or client warehouse anywhere in the world. Being a global supplier Belman has a vast experience in finding the best and most cost-efficient method of delivery for your project. No matter if it is special transport, oversized transport, escorted transport, road freight, sea freight and/or air freight Belman can organize the transport on your behalf. Belman has formed close relationships with our transport partners. If the client wishes to arrange the transport themselves, Belman will gladly provide all information on the expansion joint and the required packaging.


Protected packaging

Expansion joints are always packed with suitable protection for the selected form of transport. For sea transport we can provide upon request sea worthy packing (ISPM 15). Belman is ready to comply with the specific packaging requirements of its clients.


The focus on quality has always been a part of Belman’s mission. We strive to provide expansion joints of the highest quality. Therefore, Belman considers test and quality procedures as a very important process, which adds value to our products, but most importantly, it guarantees the quality and gives the product confidence to our clients. To attest the level of quality and its capabilities Belman holds numerous certificates and type approvals.


Test & Inspection

Expansion joints can be subject to different tests and inspections. The scope of tests executed are determined by the requirements of the design code and/or the client’s specification. Belman executes some of the tests itself and some are performed by third parties. Belman is experienced in working with independent test authorities and clients are always welcome onsite for testing and final inspections. Belman provides all expansion joint non-destructive tests and can also on agreement provide destructive testing.


Welding & Material Control

Welding and material control at best in class metal bellows manufacturers are treated in the same way as Belman approaches quality. Our focus on quality also includes welding and within this area, we follow both client requests, project requests, our own quality procedures and the requirements of the design codes. All welding activity is carefully inspected under supervision of Belman’s welding inspectors (IWS and IWIS). Further, we have full traceability on all materials, including all filler materials. Full documentation is provided, on request, for all expansion joints – and as per client and project requirements. To ensure Belman’s short on-time delivery, we have an extensive stock of raw materials (plates, coils, flanges, pipes etc.). As quality is essential to Belman, we have a comprehensive control at goods reception in accordance with our QA procedures and policies.


The delivery time for Belman expansion joints is among the shortest on the market. Belman has an excellent reputation for short on-time delivery. In a recent customer satisfaction survey 98% of our clients confirmed that Belman met the stated delivery time. On-time delivery is especially important for you/your client to optimize the maintenance work/replacement work – you can rely on us to perform, without the risk of delayed delivery and unexpected costs.


Urgent delivery time?

Belman is known for being highly flexible on delivery times and in addition to standard on time deliveries our clients further benefit from our fast track services. With this, clients of Belman can get help – no matter if it is an unexpected shutdown, leaking expansion joint, part failures, an unexpected speed up etc. which demands an urgent delivery of the expansion joint. Many clients have already benefitted from the Belman fast track service; we can make the same service available to you.


Selected Fast Track Service references:

  • Design, manufacture and documentation of 3 large FCCU expansion joints in remarkable 12 weeks lead time
  • Design, manufacture and delivery of one expansion within 71/2 hours for a Swedish client
  • Design and delivery of a double bellow DN 600 within 24 hours to a Belgian customer (We will have a new case very soon)


Correct installation is crucial to avoid unsafe and unreliable operation. When installed incorrectly the service life and pressure capacity of an expansion joint can be reduced and in worst case it will lead to a damaged expansion joint and/or pipe system, resulting in an unexpected shutdown. The installation guide from Belman describes how to ensure correct installation.

Important issues to consider include:

  • That the expansion joint is designed according to the correct operational data.
  • That the expansion joints are placed with the inner sleeve in the correct direction in relation to the flow
  • That expansion joints with tie rods, gimbals or hinges are placed in the correct angle in the pipe system, so they are not prevented by the pipeline from absorbing movements.


It is important to consider the following during the installation and handling of expansion joints:

  • Correct storage and transport
  • Correct removal of transport fittings / pretensioning fittings
  • Correct expansion installation in all stages
  • Understanding of flow direction
  • Correct placement of anchors/guides
  • Correct preparation and completion of pressure test
  • Correct expansion joint maintenance

You can find more information about these important points in the Belman Expansion joint installation guide, which is available in multiple languages.