For the plant and the pipe system to run smoothly it certainly depends on the right equipment. For Expansion Joints, or Bellows as they are also known as, it is very important to choose bellows manufacturers that have the right approvals, the technical know-how and the production set-up to support the project and ensure optimum service life of the equipment. For Expansion Joints and Bellows, the Bellows manufacturers come into the picture as this is an important component. One of the often overseen parameters when selecting the supplier between Bellows manufacturers is, among many other important things, the Bellow forming procedure.


Manufacturers’ Bellow forming procedure is important
During production process, it is important that the Bellows manufacturers protect the bellow during forming procedure. Generally, Bellows consist of several layers with a material thickness from 0,3 mm. A scratch of just a few µ can influence decisively on the fatigue life. Scratches in stainless steel, are (as a thumb rule), not to be deeper than 3 – 5 % of the material thickness. Scratches deeper than that will result in increased risk of fatigue. If the scratch is inside the multi-layered Bellow, it is especially problematic, as it may result in access of the media to the area between the layers and hereby reduce the strength of the Expansion Joint.

This is why choosing the right Bellows manufacturers makes the difference. Belman is one of the Bellows manufacturers that put an effort into protecting the bellow during the shaping procedure. Therefore, all forming tools are manufactured in a way – and in materials – which does not cause any scratches to the Bellows. It is essential not to scratch the surface of the material as such scratches may result in fatigue failures and consequently a reduction of the service life, and replacement earlier than calculated.
Choosing Belman as Bellows manufacturer for your next project will, at least, ensure you that you will not experience any fatigue failures due to scratches on the Bellow.


See the factory and the production
As at many other Bellows manufacturers – Clients are always welcome to visit Belman to see how we form our Bellows.
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