The Expansion Joint replacement requires the careful consideration of many variables. To obtain the maximum benefit from an Expansion Joint, it is not only important to consider its design and construction features, but also its function as part of the overall pipe system design.


Designing a right solution for Expansion Joint replacement is a key factor for smooth operation of the pipe system
The selection of the solution for Expansion Joint replacement is influenced by six primary considerations:

  • Size:
    the size of the existing pipe system will dictate the size of Expansion Joint. However, flow rate, velocity and pressure drop considerations may also influence the selection of the solution for Expansion Joint replacement.
  • Movements:
    it is important that the designer of Expansion Joints is fully informed of all the movements to that the Expansion Joint will encounter. Knowledge of the amount of movement, its direction and any combination of axial, lateral and angular movements occurring together is essential for the correct design and effective Expansion Joint replacement.
  • Temperature:
    the physical properties of any material selected for Expansion Joints replacement varies with temperature. The working pressure, the type of media and the nature of application affect limits for operating temperature. By careful selection of material, it is possible to provide an Expansion Joint for a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Pressure:
    the nominal pressure ratings varies according to type, material and size of Expansion Joint. Under actual working conditions, pressure is affected by many other factors such as temperature, pulsating conditions, bending stresses, vibration and external factors influencing expansion joint. Therefore, it is very important to consider all above before planned Expansion Joint replacement.
  • Media:
    the type of media is an important consideration in the design phase and sometimes is a reason for earlier Expansion Joint replacement. Both media flow through and the outside environment might be the reasons for corrosion. Choosing a stronger material can help to avoid the problems and prolong the service life of the Expansion Joint.
  • Connection ends/End fittings:
    the choice of connection ends are determined by the connection ends mounted on the current solution or by the mating ends on the pipe system. The Expansion Joint for the Expansion Joint replacement will always be designed and produced with specified the connection ends. Most often connection ends are welded flanges, loose flanges or welded ends.


Did you know that Belman can help with Expansion Joint replacement on-site?
Belman has extended its core competences from design and manufacture of Expansion Joints to among others expansion joint replacement on-site. If the customer needs an experienced and qualified team to help execute this task on the installation. Read more about our on-site services here. Get in touch with us to talk about Expansion Joint replacement and/or on-site services.