The focus on quality assurance should include welding as an integral part of the manufacturing process. The best in class metal bellows manufacturers follow both client requests, project requests, own procedures and the requirements of the design codes.


Welding process automatization as a step forward for experienced metal bellows manufacturers
For many metal bellows manufacturers, a natural step has been automatization of the process of welding as much as possible. It speeds up the manufacturing process, increase productivity as well as provides a superior quality. The other crucial thing is to ensure that the right qualified welding procedure (WPS) for the project and right certified welders are on place. Experienced metal bellows manufacturers, like Belman, hold a broad database with different qualified WPS. Furthermore, all welding activity are carefully inspected by own inspectors.


High demands for material control
To ensure a short and accurate delivery time, metal bellows manufacturers should have extensive stock of raw materials. As one of the very first things at the manufacturing process, all incoming raw materials have to be checked according to QA procedures and policies, and that means that they check the material thickness, certificates, marking of the steel etc. To guarantee a consistent quality on all sub-supplies and raw materials, experienced metal bellows manufacturers should audit all suppliers and set high demands for them in terms of having the same approvals, procedures and experience.


Welding and material control at the best in class metal Bellows manufacturers – Belman
As Belman provides high-quality Expansion Joints and is one of globally recognized metal bellows manufacturers, every manufacturing stage is executed according to well-established procedures.
Selection of the suitable material for the expansion joint that suits the project/application is crucial to us. To ensure this with considerations of all applicable norms and standards, we have built an extensive material database. Furthermore, we store more than 200 different qualified WPS and our own IWS and IWIS inspectors control the entire welding process.


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