Case story





Belman has engineered and manufactured six Tied Expansion Bellows for installation in a copper mining facility in Chile. The Expansion Joints are installed in a transport system for mine tailings that makes the media slurry, and which requires a custom Expansion Bellows solution.


CLIENT ISSUES – Special requirements for the Expansion Bellows for mine tailings
Tailings are a common by-product of the process of extracting minerals and metals from a mined ore. Tailings usually take the form of a liquid slurry made of fine mineral particles, which are created when mined ore is crushed, ground, and processed. This slurry made it necessary to find a way to stop the media from settling in the convolutions of the Expansion Bellows to avoid premature failure on the Expansion Joints. It was also crucial that the Expansion Joint design could allow the absorption of large axial movements in combination with lateral movements. The client made a specific request for Expansion Joints designed on the basis of these criteria and needed a supplier able to produce that design and according to EJMA.



Tied Expansion Bellows with inner sleeves

Belman designed the Expansion Joints to meet the specifications and requests from the client. The Expansion Bellows for mine tailings are made with tie rods/movement limiters to control the correct absorption of the large axial movement and the lateral movement in combination. Furthermore, the Expansion Joints are designed with inner sleeves to help prevent the slurry tailing media settling in the convolutions of the Bellows, which greatly increases the risk of premature failure on the Expansion Joints. As per client requirements, the Expansion Joints are tested at 45 barg. Finally, the special flanges, which are made from carbon steel P355GH, are coated to ensure they can withstand the outdoor environment.


Belman – many years of expertise in Expansion Joints for mining

Throughout the years, Belman has supplied numerous mining facilities around the globe. Having this vast experience enables us to design and manufacture sound and cost-efficient Expansion Bellows solutions for the mining industry, irrespective of client needs or the complexity of the application. This expertise ensures the client safe and engineered solutions that help them achieve an increased TCO (total cost of ownership), avoid premature failure and ensure safe operation. Read more here: Expansion Joints for the mining industry