Case story





Belman engineered and manufactured 16 Expansion Joints for installation in a Lithium mining facility in Argentina. Due to the media composition and the surroundings, special materials such as Titanium gr. 12 for the bellows and Duplex 2205 for the flanges of the Expansion Joints were needed.


CLIENT ISSUES – special requirements for the Expansion Joints
Being a Lithium/Chloride solution, the mining operation had an acidic media. This placed special requirements on the materials for the installed components. To avoid premature failure or early replacement, this also applied to the Expansion Joint materials. The client needed Expansion Joints made from a material that could resist the harsh media and stand up to the environment they would be working in. The client therefore required Titanium gr. 12 bellows and Duplex 2205 flanges and was looking for a supplier with expertise and capabilities in these materials.


BELMAN’S SOLUTION – Expansion Joints made from special materials
Belman designed the Expansion Joints to meet the specifications and requests from the client for the Titanium gr. 12 bellows. The two most useful properties of titanium compared to other metals are its excellent corrosion resistance and high strength-to-density ratio. As the Expansion Joints were being installed in an application with an acidic and salty media, this material was the perfect choice. For the same reasons, the flanges were made from Duplex 2205 — a material that offers excellent corrosion resistance in extreme environments as well as high strength.


Belman – expertise in Expansion Joints for mining
Throughout the years, Belman has supplied numerous mining facilities around the globe. Having this vast experience enables us to design and manufacture sound and cost-efficient Expansion Joint solutions for the mining industry, regardless of client needs or the application. This expertise extends to remarkable knowledge and craftsmanship when it comes to special alloys and materials such as Titanium, Duplex, 254 SMO and nickel. Read more here:  Expansion Joints for the mining industry