Case story


Crude Oil Tanker

Oman Gulf


Two Alloy 59 Scrubber Flexible Bellows designed and supplied for the lower Boiler Blower fan outlet in the Exhaust line at the scrubber onboard a Crude Oil Tanker. Here they will replaced two Scrubber flexible Bellows that was leaking and the client needed Belman assistance for trouble shooting.


Client issue
The client contacted Belman as their Scrubber Flexible Bellows were leaking, and a solution to the problem as well as new Scrubber Flexible Bellows was needed – and they were needed fast.


The problem Belman often see in Scrubbers
Belman have seen this issue many times. As the picture (inserted below) clearly show, the stainless steel in the Scrubber Flexible Bellows became brittle and broke because of the acidic concentration in the media. In some scrubber systems and processes the media conditions are to acidic for some materials selected for Scrubber Flexible Bellows. To help the client Belman it is very important for us to find out what the exact composition of the media is and then recommend a material for the Scrubber Flexible Bellows based on that. Belman has also made a case study on this topic for the client to do a self-study – this can be downloaded here: Material selection for Scrubber Flexible Bellows.


Belman Solution – Alloy 59 Scrubber Flexible Bellows
In these situations and for this client, Belman suggested to use another material which is more suitable for the operating conditions. In this situation the media inside was not just dry exhaust gas, and that is what generates the problems with erosion of non-suitable matrials for this issue. The material Belman recommend for Scrubber Flexible Bellows, inner sleeves and rings was Alloy 59 or anything in the same class. The flanges can, if they are not in touch with the media still be made from another material. The client quickly selected Alloy 59 for the new Scrubber Flexible Bellows. This material is however higher priced than its alternatives, but more a durable solution and will avoid early and unplanned leakages of the Scrubber Flexible Bellows for the client.


Fast delelivery
To reduce downtime and risk due to leakage Belman was requested to produce the Scrubber Flexible Bellows very quickly which we did. In 12 days Belman designed, manufactured and arrange for NK Class inspection of the Scrubber Flexible Bellows.