Case story


Particle Generator


EN 14917

This engineered Expansion Joint known as a Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow has been designed, manufactured and tested for installation in a shaft and monolith vessel at a European Spallation Source project in Lund, Sweden. Scientific testing and research is made in this facility using neutron pulses. These scientific programs specialize in the study of polymers and soft condensed matter. The system in which the Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow is housed will be delivered to a Spanish manufacturer which excels in particle accelerator and neutron scattering technologies.


Client challenge – Combination of critical parameters

The application itself is extremely critical and requires a precisely designed and dimensioned Expansion Joint (Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow) that can ensure a smooth and safe operation. Breakdowns and failures must be minimized as the Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow is part of the safety barrier surrounding the process, providing protection for personnel and the environment. Aside from meeting the key parameters, the Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow design should also limit the spring rate as much as is possible, since the spring rate will have an impact on the adjacent ball bearings. At the same time, the Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow must also deliver sufficient torsional stiffness to ensure the correct operation of the adjacent rotary seal. The client benefited from the specialist assistance provided by Belman in addition to the close cooperation and mutual interest in finding the best solution to enable both parties to succeed.


The Belman solution – ensuring a safe and smooth operation

The application itself places high demands on the Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow solution and its product quality. However, this is where Belman excels, manufacturing high quality Expansion Joints tailored to the exact need of the client and the application. In this case Belman designed a Universal Expansion Joint (Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow) for the client. The Universal Expansion Joint (Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow) was selected due to its ability to absorb both axial and lateral movements in combination. The requirement for special flanges in each connecting end with high demands for surfaces and gasket solutions was additionally incorporated into the design. Further, the client had the extraordinary requirement that the bellows should have an allowance of 3,8 kNm for torsional movement. Maximum built-in length was 566 mm. The design was made according to EN 14917 (Harmonized standard) with PED applying.
Complete traceability, full documentation and NDT (including pressure test and tightness test) was delivered as part of the project.


Deep experience with critical applications

Due to its considerable experience with highly engineered Expansion Joints including Vacuum Feedthrough Bellows, Belman is the go-to company for Expansion Joints for critical installations that have a focus on safety. Belman has a vast experience with Expansion Joints for critical applications such as LNG, fluid catalytic cracking, nuclear as well Expansion Joints for vacuum. Expansion Joint solutions including Vacuum Feedthrough Bellow can be seen amongst our latest projects.