In order to provide a complete range of flexible products to our customers, Belman also supplies Rubber Expansion Joints.

As one of the leading Rubber Bellow suppliers, we provide all types of Rubber Expansion Joints manufactured from natural or synthetic elastomers or fluoroplastics. The structure of Rubber Expansion Joint comprises a flexible reinforcement using nylon and aramid fabrics and sometimes even steel. Where pressure/temperature conditions permit (and if it is advisable by Rubber Bellow suppliers), Rubber Expansion Joints provide a good solution for the absorption of movements, damping vibrations and noise for the benefit of the pipework and its connected equipment.


What are the advantages underlined by Rubber Bellow suppliers?
The most common characteristics, that is often emphasized by Rubber Bellow suppliers, is the fact that Rubber Expansion Joints are optimum solutions with the short installation lengths. Due to that, they are able to absorb large movements and are highly flexible. With a minimal face-to-face length, Rubber Expansion Joints provide excellent movement capability in all directions and in combination of thereof. Rubber Bellow suppliers underline also that Rubber Expansion Joints absorb occurring stresses and replace them with their own low stiffness. Additionally, Rubber Bellow suppliers highlight the fact that they are used to dampen vibrations and reduce noise levels, thus allowing to reduce the pressure water hammer. Furthermore, Rubber Expansion Joints are safe, reliable, durable and maintenance free – and this is the statement given not only by Rubber Bellow suppliers, but also end users. The materials used by Rubber Bellow suppliers are treated and combined to meet a wide range of practical pressure/temperature operating conditions, corrosive attack, abrasion and erosion. Additionally, Rubber Bellow suppliers emphasize that high pressure and vacuum resistance ensures suitability for broad range of applications. It is also worth to mention that Rubber Expansion Joints are relatively light in weight, contributing to lower installation costs.


Why to choose Belman among vast amount of different Rubber Bellow suppliers?
Belman as one of the best-in-class Rubber Bellow suppliers advises the clients on the selection and specification of Rubber Expansion Joints to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions. As one of leading Rubber Bellow suppliers, we gathered great experience from different projects that undertaken for several industries such as chemical plants, power stations, paper plants, shipbuilding and many others.


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