Gimbal Bellows Expansion Joints are one of the type Angular Expansion Joints that allow angular movements only. They are designed to absorb angular movements in several planes without transferring pressure thrust on the fixed points. They are more flexible that a hinged solutions due to multiple angular rotations.


Why Gimbal Bellows Expansion Joints?
The benefits is that they provide a close control over the movement imposed on the bellows and additionally supports the dead weight of the pipe. Moreover, the wind and shear loads are also taken care of by the gimbal bellows structure.

Gimbal Bellows Expansion Joints are designed to absorb the full thrust load of the unit itself and thus protect the nearby equipment from the damage due to thrust load.

Since they are not restricted to a single plane, they offer greater flexibility of usage. The application of Gimbal Bellows Expansion Joints eliminates the effects of thermal growth and lowers both reaction forces and installation expenses. Costly main anchors are eliminated and only minimal guides are necessary.


What to do if I require Gimbal Bellows Expansion Joints for my project?
The answer is simple – you need to contact Belman. There are 3 ways to contact our sales department:


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