Case story


Power plant


EN 13445

State-of-the-art Coal Dust Piping Bellows engineered to eliminate coal dust emissions between mills and burners! In 2018 Belman successfully designed and manufactured 41 sets of Coal Dust Piping bellows for a newly built unit in a Polish power plant. The Coal Dust Piping Bellows are now installed and successfully tested. The unit will be commissioned in the near future.


Installation point and requirements

The design parameters were critical due to the location of the Coal Dust Piping Bellows on the boilers pulverized fuel ducts. The power plant was equipped with supercritical once-through pulverized fuel boiler for bituminous coal and an extraction-condensing turbo. This was located in a closed cooling water system with a wet cooling tower. Coal dust is extremely abrasive and can clog the bellows of the Coal Dust Piping Bellows. For that reason, a special Coal Dust Piping Bellow solution was required.


The design of the Coal Dust Piping Bellows

To learn more about the design of the Coal Dust Piping Bellows, please refer to the case story: