Case story


Oil refinery


ASME B31.3:2010 & KBR Specifications

Belman has successfully engineered and manufactured four Fluid Catalytic Cracking Expansion Bellows (FCCU) for a Spanish oil refinery. They will be installed in the refinery’s fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU).



Belman engineered the Expansion Joints for fluid catalytic cracking (FCCU) in accordance with the client’s specifications, KBR specifications and the ASME B31.3:2010 design code. The solution required two Hinged Expansion Joints and two Gimbal Expansion Joints. Belman supported the client with expert advice from the early engineering stage and also through the preparation of a comprehensive design report. This report contained more than sixty pages, including stress analysis of the external hardware, thermal calculation, bellows calculations and more. In addition, Belman also attended the kick off meetings at the client premises.

The Expansion Joints for fluid catalytic cracking (FCCU) were designed as two-ply testable bellows with additional stainless steel hoses to be connected to the test port. This ensured that the maintenance during service would be easier to perform. Furthermore, in accordance with the specification a special zinc coating system was used.


Experienced in Fluid catalytic cracking Expansion Bellows (FCCU)

Belman is highly experienced in the engineering and manufacturing of Expansion Joints for fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) and other critical applications in a variety of plants. Upon request we can send reference lists for FCC Expansion Joints, refractory lined expansion joints for FCC and other industries. This also includes brick lined expansion joints. Exceptional Belman engineered Expansion Joints for fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) include a 30 tonne customized Expansion Joint and 3 Expansion Joints in various designs with a lead time reduced to 12 weeks.