Case story


District Heating



In some district heating pipelines the movements are very large calling for customised District Heating Expansion Joints. Belman are experienced in the design and manufacture of customised solutions – also for District Heating Expansion Joints. In this special case the owners of an Eastern European district heating pipeline profited directly from our expertise.


Special design to absorb large movements
The Expansion Joints had to absorb +0/-300 mm axial movements, a very large movement for a DN 150 pipe. For this reason a special solution was required, the optimum result being a Double Bellows for District Heating, comprised of two standard District Heating Expansion Joints. These two were mounted opposite each other making the absorption of the large movements possible. This resulted in a build-in length of 1460 mm. To absorb these large pipe expansions (-300 mm) the District Heating Expansion Joints were also pre-stressed.



The Double District Heating Expansion Joints were pre-insulated with the construction being adapted for insulation, meaning that the insulation foam was applied directly on the cover and afterwards further covered by additional plastic. If required Belman can supply completely pre-insulated District Heating Expansion Joints.