Case story


Power Plant

South Europe


Belman was recently consulted by a client to engineer and manufacture Expansion Joints for a high temperature pipeline at a South European Power Plant.


Client challenge

The challenge with this Expansion Joint project as Belman was asked to design for our client was, to design excellent engineering of Expansion Joints that easily and smoothly year after year would be able to work with temperatures of up to 600°C (1112°F), absorb large movements, and at the same time considerable external forces.


Important tasks for the client
Other very important tasks for especially this case where the external forces that the Expansion Joint would be exposed to. The external forces originate from a combination of the deadweight of a connecting pipe between the two Hinged Expansion Joints and the anticipated wind load on the system.


The Belman solution

An Engineering job with such high demands required exceptional engineering knowledge in the entire process from development to design to production and delivery. By choosing Belman A/S, the client is guaranteed the world’s probably best engineering and service team for the design, manufacture and delivery of Expansion Joints for their project. The result was a system of three Expansion Joints constructed from 1CrMO9-10 (1.7380) consisting of two Hinged Expansion Joints and one Unrestrained Expansion Joint. The excellence of this well-thought-out solution is that the external forces that the Expansion Joint will be exposed to will be absorbed in the Hinged Expansion Joint, whereas the Unrestrained Expansion Joint would not be subjected to external forces.