Case story


Steel Plant



Belman designed,  manufactured and supplied this very special Expansion Joint solution for installation in pressure-relieving system at a Steel plant in Germany. This Expansion Joint solution is a Balance Bellow.


How to use Expansion Joints & Balance Bellows in a pressure-relieve system?

The Expansion Joint of DN 2600 was designed and manufactured to accommodate a client requirement of use as a balance-bellow in a pressure-relieving system in the Steel Plant. Similarly, as a Balance Bellow in a corner relief system. See here how Corner Relief Expansion Joint systems work here: Animation


Special design and surface treatment
Every project has its own exclusivity, and Belman specialized in customized Expansion Joints, this was another remarkable result. This Expansion Joint is designed to be the Balance-Bellow and therefore is equipped with a structure for adapting tie rods from the present structure to act as a balance unit. In addition, this Balance Bellow is supposed to be refractory lined after the installation as the client wanted to protect the metal parts of the Balance Bellow from the high temperature of the medium (gas) inside the unit. It has also involved a special surface treatment (shot peening) as a stress-relieving precaution of critical exposed areas of the Balance Bellow.


Excellence in customized Expansion Joint solutions
Incorporating the client’s requirements for a product solution with the manufacturer’s scope is very important. Therefore, it always requires a closer dialogue that communicate both parties’ requirements and expectations to deliver the optimum solution. Belman is helping clients to find the best engineering solution that ensures high product quality while keeping maximum cost efficiency.