Case story





Belman has designed, manufactured, tested and supplied a ship yard with six large Universal Expansion Joints for installation on a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)-powered cruise ship.


LNG for green cruising: Expansion Joints for LNG-powered cruise ship

The vessel is one of latest types of cruise ships and powered by LNG. This sustainable fuel type represents the energy of tomorrow and ensures environmentally friendly cruising. The vessel is one of the first generation of cruise ships to be powered by LNG both while in port and at sea, with the result being a significant reduction in emissions.


LNG media sets high demands for the Expansion Joints

LNG is considered a high risk media, for this reason stringent demands are set for the components installed in the application. It is essential that the products need to be of very high quality and carefully designed and calculated for the purpose. Belman assisted the client in the design phase, with drawings and WPS’s being further approved by a third party specified by the client. The Expansion Joints were supplied with full documentation and subjected to air tests with Helium.


Belman is an experienced vendor for LNG/LPG in shipping applications

Aside from these Expansion Joints for LNG-powered cruise ship. Belman excels in the manufacture of Expansion Joints for shipping applications used in exhausts, engines, and scrubber systems. Additionally, Belman has a long list of references and vast experience in supplying Expansion Joints for LNG/LPG carriers and FLNG’s. This experience and know-how was of high importance in this project.